John Taylor – Broker and Property Tax Consultant

I represent property owners and assist them in getting their property taxes reduced.  With 20 years experience as an Oregon commercial property tax appraiser, I have a good understanding of the complex Oregon tax system.  Now I can work for you.

Call 503-256-6213 or email for more information.  In the meantime feel free to study some of the articles and court cases on the site.

My fee is 30% of the reduction and 30% of the interest on the refund.  If there is no reduction you don’t pay.


Deadline for filing property tax appeals:

December 31, 2016

You may be able to reduce your 2016-17 taxes and possibly even get a refund of taxes you have already paid, with 1% per month interest. But timeliness is essential.


A quote from a county website:

  • Pay online

  • Pay by phone

  • Payment using your financial institution’s online bill pay

  • Pay by mail

Does it seem like the key word is “PAY?”

No disrespect intended to the county, as they are simply trying to make your payment convenient.  Hopefully, by working together, we can make the pay a little more equitable, if that is what is required.

A Happy Client

Here’s an email from a happy client:


“Wow John, that is fantastic!  That dropped my tax bill by $7K annually.  I can’t say THANK YOU enough!! I really appreciate it.  Thank you.

 I hope you had a good summer as well. 


(Full name supplied upon request)


Want more information?  Here are some tips from the articles.  If you have any questions call 503-256-6213 or email